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Let’s Live – Live Now April 12, 2010

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Today I am having a large ugly wart removed from the bottom of my foot. Fear and gladness combine as I face this procedure.  The wart must go so my walking and balance are restored  but I fear the pain.

We all have situations where we fear the pain of something. Interior mental pain , physical pain, or emotional pain can prevent us from taking the necessary action to feel the joy of life. We hamper ourselves by fearing more than experiencing. Then eventually the fear will morph into some kind of pain that needs dealing with i.e. my foot.

Taking action in a positive way, right away, is far more fulfilling than waiting until a crisis.  Joy is always there waiting for us to plug-in. Joy never goes away but we do. We become so wrapped up in what didn’t happen or what we want to have happen that we miss the incredible beauty and joy around us now. Live life each day to the very best of your ability. This is not being  profligate – but be your personal best doing the right thing, not procrastinating, enjoying the moment. Take care of those things that need doing today and love the process

Just for today try to spend the day in a state of joy– that means for one day :

do not complain about anything

be grateful for all the abundance in your life

speak only kind words about your “neighbor”  no gossip

be helpful to a stranger

get out-of-doors and breathe fresh Spring air

write an apology to someone you have harmed — decide later whether to send it or not

call a friend just to talk and laugh

complement someone

be your personal best today

put a smile on your face just because you can-you do not need a reason!

Join me tonight on Darby and Friends www.wgch.com from 5 to 6 content filled show regarding Senior living Greenwich Woods and Atria.

I’ll be waiting for you!




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